Stuff, Games and ‘Systematizing’ Things

thinking systems

Whatever kind of game you play, there is a definite benefit to ‘systematizing’ (I know that word sounds made up, but it is a proper word!).

By that, I mean simply learning by using systems, or being systematic.

You break things down, and you learn in compartmentalized chunks. Which makes things easier to handle when learning and practising, but is also invaluable for when you want to perform those actions again.

So be it playing golf, running a marathon, creating a gourmet meal or playing the lottery – systems will help you do those things better.

Take my guilty pleasure of throwing money at the lottery (when I’m not out playing golf – gees, I’m such a lush). I can just buy a quick pick and subscribe online for 10 weeks if I want to. But that’s so boring, and personally I believe you can do a lot better than that. So I apply some systems to my choosing numbers, arranging numbers, and buying my tickets. This is a well practised weekly routine for me – so I’m far better at it now than I was. Simple systems = steady improvement. I won’t give all my secrets away (maybe a few hints here over time…) but if you want something you can use, you could try something like the Formula 1 lottery system. It’s not the best ever, but it’s a starting point. There’s all sorts of other products available – this guy reviews this kind of lottery stuff in detail – just be careful because you can spend a lot of money on ultimately unhelpful software, just apply a little common sense.

That’s one of the best ways to systematize anything – from hang gliding to making your drives go further – you borrow the experience of an expert and apply the way they learnt. After all, if you do enough of what they did to get good, then you willl ultimately you could become as good as they are.